Saturday, May 10, 2008

Power Living - Food, Fitness, Forward Thinking

This week I started the Power Living program at BodyTech in Gaithersburg, and I'm lovin' it! This comprehensive, unique and fabulously supportive program was designed by Dolores Zumbado (Doc Z or Z), Doctor of Chiropractic and the heart and soul of BodyTech. It is the latest expression of her passion to address the underlying causes of physical pain, and to help people truly step into a new and healthy life.

Power Living offers a three-pronged approach to lifestyle change:
  1. food as fuel;
  2. fitness done right; and
  3. mind over matter - rewriting outdated or non-serving habits of mind.
The program involves 6 Saturday morning group meetings with presentations by Doc Z and clinical nutritionist Susan Mudd, as well as other guest speakers, covering a range of topics. The program includes:
  • a healthy eating plan beginning with a 3-week 'mini-cleanse';
  • a resource notebook for planning and journaling;
  • weekly weigh-ins and body fat measuring;
  • an individual counseling session with Susan to discuss specific issues and tailor each person's food plan
  • two individual sessions with a specialized personal trainer to address overall fitness and core strength, flexibility and balance;
  • group sharing and support, including struggles and successes of previous program participants now in a mentoring role; and
  • ongoing coaching and support by Doc Z and Susan by email or in person.
So far the sessions have focused primarily on components of lasting change (readiness, motivation, preparation to change, commitment) and nutritional education on how - and WHY - to eat healthy. The nutrition component evolved out of Susan's previous course on Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance, and includes availability of high quality protein shakes and supplements. Doc Z and Susan are genuine and passionate, offer a wealth of knowledge, and make it all seem possible!

My personal goals are more about getting fit than losing weight, but sound nutrition, fitness, and thinking principles apply across the board. So far my biggest challenge has been giving up coffee and committing to exercising at least 30 minutes every day - but I'm doing it. The journaling takes time, but is a critical component for detecting patterns, habits, and triggers, as well as remaining intentional about the whole undertaking. Even though I've been hooked on healthy and swimming in wellness for many years, I'm still learning a lot and feel better already after just a week. Can't wait to see how I feel in week 6 and beyond!

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