Thursday, April 17, 2008

Standing Fully in One's Power - Effecting Miracles

A coaching client of mine was describing a class he took over the weekend in a healing modality called ThetaHealing™. This modality, one of many variations on a theme, involves going into an alert meditative, or theta brainwave, state and intentionally rooting out subconscious beliefs responsible for stuck patterns of thought and behavior. Ah, the old prison of limiting subconscious beliefs - key word subconscious.

Like many similar healing methods, this one was developed by someone with a terminal condition to whom the knowledge was "revealed" or channeled, and subsequently used to effectively cure the condition. This particular technique was originated by Vianna Stibal who cured herself of terminal lymphatic cancer. She began sharing the technique widely in 1995.

My client experienced this healing weekend as extremely intense and profound. In the course of sharing what he learned, he said two very interesting things:

  • that a healer, IF fully in alignment, fully in his/her power, standing solidly in his or her vibration, can, with this healing method, effect a miracle healing; and
  • that true healers of any variety work at the energetic level, shifting energy and beliefs preliminary to quantum shifts in perspective and vibration.

My client seemed astounded by the possibility of effecting a 'miracle' cure. We're talking miracle here, a la Jesus Christ, of really any physical, mental, or emotional condition. But this statement resonated as “of course” for me. Having personally experienced countless sessions, attunements, trainings, and channelings, in many, many versions of energy therapy and Lightwork, the more important part of the equation to me was the alignment, not the particular healing method.

This conversation was a huge reminder to me that the only thing limiting me, or any of us, is my/our beliefs. I got a glimpse of simply, simply standing up and Believing and Allowing the grace of God to flow through me.

Many of us have been sowing our seeds, and weeding out limiting beliefs, for a very long time. All that’s left is for us to step into our power, fully.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gratitude - A Reminder

I am a huge believer in the power gratitude to exponentially raise one's vibration and therefore rapidly and radically improve quality of life. My intentional practice of gratitude varies from spells of daily journaling 3 to 5 things I'm grateful for, to grabbing a piece of paper out of the blue and getting on a roll, to occasionally reaching for my gratitude journal and reflecting more deeply upon the many gifts in my life. I'm often shocked that a year or more has gone by.

In looking at my journal today, I came upon an entry from November 2005 that resonated so strongly I decided to share it here. I offer it as a reminder to myself, as well as, hopefully, an example and inspiration to others. When you're being grateful, you can't be depressed or negative. Gratitude flips you to the positive side, and gets the energetic ball rolling in the right direction. That alone is worth the effort!

I am, above all, grateful for the love that surrounds me in the manifest form of family and friends, and - I am learning - the unmanifest form of angelic and other benevolent entities. I have moments of truly understanding - feeling - knowing - that I am never alone, that I am supported in many realms at all times. I am grateful for those moments, for that knowing, and for that endless, timeless, infinite energy of love.

I am grateful for many 'mundane' things - a roof over my head, a car that is reliable, money in my bank account (somehow!), food, clothing, stuff.

I am grateful for moments of inspiration and passion. I am learning to recognize them and blow gently on the embers - to begin to build a strong and steady fire of passion and purpose in my life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to touch people - both literally, in doing bodywork, and otherwise, in holding space for people's emotional and spiritual pain. I am grateful to offer others my own experience as perhaps a ray of hope along the path and in so doing, renewing my own hope.

I am grateful for the privilege of having done bodywork on so many people, for the vast learning - through my hands and senses - of this wondrous container and vehicle that defines our human experience. I am ever-awed by its mysteries and the infinite intelligence it offers.

I am grateful for today.
I am grateful for this moment.
I am grateful for this chance to be so intentionally grateful!